Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q)

Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q)

Purpose of Independent Monitoring:

  • Provide a new voice for the Disability Community.
  • Promote self-awareness and self-advocacy in consumers.
  • Educate consumers about Pennsylvania’s Self-determination Initiative.
  • Provide information about the satisfaction of people served by the Intellectual Disability System.
  • Provide consumers and their families the chance to make more informed choices regarding ID services.
  • Provide a positive atmosphere between consumers, their families, and ID providers that will identify strengths and weaknesses in the Intellectual Disability System and will encourage system change.

The primary purpose of the Independent Monitoring Program is to encourage continuous improvements in the quality of services provided to Pennsylvania’s Consumers of Intellectual Disability Programs.

This is accomplished by conducting personal interviews with consumers served by the Intellectual Disability System.

The results of these surveys will be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the Intellectual Disability System and will help to make recommendations for systems change.

This program is also designed to further encourage self-determination and promote self-advocacy in Pennsylvania’s Disability Community.

Driving Beliefs of the Independent Monitoring Team

  • Consumers have the right to be heard.
  • Consumers have the right to make choices that affect their lives.
  • Every person has something valuable to contribute to society
  • Consumers have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • People with Disabilities have the right of self-determination.

How Independent Monitoring is Completed

Independent monitors visit selected consumers who have used Intellectual Disability services funded by the Clinton, Columbia, Lycoming, Montour, Snyder, Tioga or Union County MH/ID programs and conduct extensive and ongoing surveys surrounding their satisfaction of the services that have been provided to them.

This information is then used to get a more accurate view of the person’s life satisfaction and to help consumers and service providers identify any needs for change.

The names of consumers participating in the Independent Monitoring program are kept confidential.

The Independent Monitoring Program is facilitated by The Center for Independent Living of North Central Pennsylvania and is funded by: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Developmental Programs, The Lycoming/Clinton County MH/ID Office, CMSU Service Systems, and Tioga County Human Services.