Community Inclusion

“Being involved in community life creates opportunities for new experiences and interests, the potential to develop friendships, and the ability to make a contribution to the community. An interdependent life, where people with and without disabilities are connected, enriches all of our lives.”

Community Support (CS) is expected to result in the participant developing and sustaining a range of valued social roles and relationships such as:


          ·  building resources and experiences in the family and community;

          ·  increasing independence;

          ·  increasing potential for employment;

          ·  experiencing meaningful community participation and inclusion.

CS includes activities that will support the individual in:

          ·  Learning to navigate the community

          ·  Developing social networks and relationships

          ·  Participating in community activities

          ·  Participating in adult learning opportunities

          ·  Participating in volunteer opportunities

          ·  Developing skills necessary to pursue competitive integrated employment.

The Adult Autism Waiver is a program designed to assist adults age 21 and older with autism disorders.  The Waiver through the PA Dept. of Health and Human Services and the Bureau of Autism Services assists those who qualify with participating in their community in the way that they want to, based on identified needs.  RTFCIL provides the following waiver services:

Behavior Specialist Services

Systematic Skill Building


Community Support


Career Planning


Supported Employment


Assistive Technology


For more information or how to apply for the Adult Autism Waiver: Adult Autism Waiver

For information on the definitions of the Adult Autism Waiver: Adult Autism Waiver definitions


National Council for Independent Living.
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