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Who we are makes the difference


Roads To Freedom Home Care is a consumer directed agency which means you, the person receiving services, determines how you want your in-home care provided and by whom.  As a consumer directed agency, we understand your need and desire to maintain your independence and live your life to fullest at home.  At Roads To Freedom Home Care we take it a step further than other home care agencies because  we are run by a Board of Directors who are people just like you; people who understand what it’s like to live with a disability.  We also employ staff with disabilities and take pride in knowing our approach is different for this reason.  We not only provide care to you, we are your biggest advocate as well.

PAS Care Team Members

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As a consumer of Roads To Freedom Home Care, you have the privilege of directing your own services through your participation in our intake process as well as your own Person-Centered Service Plan.  Consumers are the first and most important piece of our care plans for your in-home care.

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Attendants are our special people who provide you with your in-home care.  They are highly trained not only in your specific needs but also with the understanding of the Independent Living Philosophy.  The goal of your Attendant is to maintain your independence at home and in the community while following your Person-Centered Service Plan.  They are the second piece to the puzzle for in-home care.

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Registered Nurse


Roads To Freedom employs a Registered Nurse on site, not many home care agencies can boast of that.  Our Registered Nurse is the point person for maintaining your specific care plan by training your Attendants as well overseeing your plan. They are also a critical piece of the puzzle in maintaining your independence  We know your needs can change in the blink of an eye, and our Registered Nurse is here to help manage those changes and to make sure we continue to service you to the best of our ability all while maintaining your freedom and independence.

Team Leaders


The last piece in your independent living puzzle is our dedicated Team Leaders including our Personal Assistance Services Director and Schedulers.  The PAS Director provides oversight to your Person-Centered Care Plan and continues the coordination of your services with your Scheduler, Care Manager, Insurance Provider, Social Security Benefits and other community resources.  While you are your own best advocate, we take pride in knowing that we will stand by you and your desire to maintain your independence and freedom to live your life the way you want to live your life.

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