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Personal Assistant Services

Patient and Nurse

Roads To Freedom Home Care provides in-home non-medical personal care and other approved support activities for those with functional disabilities.  This support provided by our Attendants accomplish daily living tasks which help to assure your FREEDOM to

  • Live in your own home/community

  • To make your own choices

  • To direct your own services


Roads To Freedom Home Care offers 2 models of Personal Assistance Services: Traditional Agency Model and Consumer Delegated Model

Traditional Agency Model:

RTFHC will select, hire and employ your Attendants


RTFHC supervises the Attendants and assignments are based on the availability of staff

and not necessarily by the consumer’s choice


The agency provides training for all attendants

Consumer Delegated Model:

RTFHC will provide assistance in locating Attendants for the consumer


The consumer delegates RTFHC as the employer and RTFHC will handle all aspects of employment including payroll processing and worker’s compensation claims


The consumer and RTFHC will jointly supervise Attendants

RTFHC will provide training for all Attendants

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How can you be sure you are receiving a high standard of quality care?


Roads To Freedom Home Care adheres to a high standard of training both in the classroom and hands-on along with a rigorous background check for all our Attendants.


Roads To Freedom Home Care employs a Registered Nurse whose job includes reviewing all Person-Centered Service Plans to ensure services are applicable for each person along with training each Attendant to ensure the services you receive are specific for you.


Not all home care agencies can say that they go the extra step to ensure your freedom and personal care services are being maintained to your expectations.  We pride ourselves in not only understanding the Independent Living Philosophy but also living it daily; that is why you should choose Roads To Freedom Home Care for your in-home non-medical care services.


Roads To Freedom Home Care is a member of the Pennsylvania Home Care Association.

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