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Ways to Give

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to give the gift access!

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     The staff at Roads to Freedom Center for Independent Living advocate for participants to remain in their homes and live life to their fullest potential in the community, avoiding institutional living. To do that, some individuals need immediate assistance with accessible living conditions that cannot wait for weeks or sometimes months for other funding sources to be approved. In situations like these, individuals may apply for funds through the Ramping Up Life Program.

     Our Ramping Up Life program helps individuals gain immediate access to their homes by means of having a ramp installed or other needed accessibility equipment such as a stair glide. Through the Ramping Up Life Program, we have helped many people achieve their independence quicker and faster than federally funded programming.


     It is continued donations from people like YOU that make a difference in an individual’s future.

an accessible ramp outside a brick home

     Providing someone with the opportunity to stay in their own home, when they thought there were no other options, is the greatest satisfaction we can receive.

     If you would like to be a part of supporting someone’s independence, please consider donating to our Ramping Up Life program.


There is no donation too small when it comes to independence.

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