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RTF Home Care

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To empower people with all disabilities by providing Resources, Options And Disability-related Services needed To obtain individual FREEDOM in their lives.


Independent Living Philosophy


“I have the right to believe freely, to be a slave to no man’s authority.  If this be heresy so be it.  It is still the truth.  To go against conscience is neither right nor safe. I cannot…will not…recant.  Here I stand.  No man can command my conscience.”  ~ Martin Luther 1521


The Independent Living Philosophy is the foundation of all services provided by Roads To Freedom. To define the philosophy is easy but to put it into motion is what sets us apart. Simply put, the Independent Living Philosophy is being able to actively participate in day-to-day life, living where you choose, how you choose and making decisions that lead to your own self-determination.

Many times we take for granted the opportunities we have regarding our own living arrangements, employment situations, means of transportation, social and recreational activities, and other aspects of everyday life. People living with disabilities can see these barriers in their homes and communities as limitations for their choices. Roads To Freedom aims to remove these barriers by means of providing quality services to consumers related to their choices and their lifestyle.

We achieve this through the removal of these barriers that exist so consumer’s are able to have the same opportunities to make decisions that affect them personally.  Whether it’s through the Adult Autism Waiver Program which removes community barriers, Rep Payee Services which allows for financial stability or Personal Assistance Services that provides in-home care we are able to effectively give our consumers the same the opportunities as their fellow neighbors who already have the right to self-determination. Roads To Freedom is more than disability related services, we are the advocates for your independent living rights.

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