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Peer Mentoring

If you would like to volunteer as a Mentor, please download the  Peer Mentoring Application.

Complete the application and mail the application to our office:

24 East 3rd Street
Williamsport PA, 17701

Map of coverage area. Counties served: Tioga, Lycoming, Clinton, Centre, Union, Snyder, Northumberland, and Montour.

Peer Mentoring is a unique program in which a person is paired with a mentor, with a similar disability, to help the mentee achieve independence.  A mentor, who is a volunteer, provides assistance and support to a mentee by sharing their own life experiences and empowerment.​

A peer mentor may:

  • Teach the mentee how to use the bus, Uber services, or transportation services such as STEP.

  • Accompany the mentee to a physician appointment to assist with communication and advocacy.

  • Teach the mentee life skills: such as how to use a laundry facility, budget their money, balance a checking account, plan healthy meals, and cook.

  • Help the mentee become integrated into the community.

  • Offer friendship and encouragement to the mentee.

  • Provide peer counseling to the mentee.

  • Help the mentee overcome obstacles and barriers.

  • Teach the mentee how to advocate for themselves.

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